Indy Imaging prides itself in being wholesale digital printers for the Sign Industry. We will not sell to the public or end user.


Indy Imaging started its business with an ordering process that allowed sign guys working in the field to call and order on the fly. Sign folks weren’t interested in filling out forms, writing Purchase orders. We wanted a liberal process to help our customers in their day to day work. We operated under a honor system, and have continued to use this process in every variation of ordering we receive today.


Email:  or call 1-866-917-7938.


If one of our customers refers you to Indy Imaging, make sure to find out which sales rep they have working for them. That same Sales Rep will be the one that helps you with your business. If you don’t know, we will do our best to connect you with the appropriate sales rep or appoint you to a sales specialist that can serve your needs.



  • Size

  • Quantity

  • Material

  • Finishing

  • Final Product & Application

  • PMS Colors

  • Desired In-Hands Date

  • Shipping Location

We Need Your Art !

You can e-mail files up to 25 MB. Bigger files can be sent through your favorite file sharing site. You can also send us a file through our upload page →


For more information please view our 
Prepress Guidlines →


Indy Imaging starts all of our new customers with a Credit Card Account. Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization form and send it back and we will get your job moving in 48 hours!


Once an account is set up and you would like to move from a Credit Card Account to a Net-30 Account we would ask that you fill out the Credit Application & Credit Agreement form and send it back to your salesperson. It takes about 1-3 weeks to get the final results. Both forms can be found in the PDF file above for download.



If you think our printing and your sign work has been a good collaboration we would love to showcase what we have accomplished together on our site. Your participation will remain anonymous, but you can silently know that you have taken part in a quality project and seen it through to completion. Please fill out the specified form and send it back to your sales person with the pictures.