Existing Customers

  1. Email your signteam@indyimaging.com with the specifics of the job.
    This is the best way because there will be a record we can refer to when submitting the order, ensuring accuracy.
  2. Upload your art and include a detailed description of the order in the text box of the uploader.

Prepress Guidelines

  1. For information regarding your artwork, please view our Prepress Guidelines.

Sending Files

  1. You can send us your file(s) through our upload page. (Preferred)
  2. Email your signteam@indyimaging.com. You can email files up to 50 MB.
  3. You can also send us files through your favorite file sharing site.

Qualifications To Be A Customer

Indy Imaging is a printer for sign shops. Your business must be a retail sign shop or commercial sign shop which has production equipment to make products like:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • All Types of Decals
  • Plexi Signs, Site Signs & other Exterior Signage
  • Pole or Avenue Banners
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Yard Signs

If you’re not a sign shop, but are directly related to the sign industry, you may still qualify. The following information may help determine eligibility:

  • Designers with no production capabilities do not qualify.
  • What is the name of your business?
  • What are the the main products you manufacture and sell?
  • Which of our products are you interested in having us make?
  • To qualify, you must have sign shop production equipment (printers, plotter, etc).
  • What is the physical address of your business?
  • What is your website address?
  • If you’re a broker of sign shop products, you may qualify.
  • If you do not provide sign shop services like site surveys, art design, and installation, you may not qualify.
  • If you are the end user of the product or, in other words, are not reselling it for a profit, you do not qualify.

Please email signteam@indyimaging.com to submit your information for approval.