Single Sided Mesh Banners

Single Sided Mesh Banners

Single Sided Mesh Banners are optimal when weight and wind are a factor in the installation process and add to the banner’s life span. We offer several Single Sided Mesh Banners, each with its own specific amount of blow–through. These are digitally printed with UV cured ink.

NOTE: The term “blow – through” refers to the percentage of printable material to the percentage of holes in the material. (i.e. blow – through is 70/30. This proportion means that the surface area of the banner is 70% printable material, and 30% holes.)

Applications for Single Sided Mesh Banners

Construction SitesSeat Kills
Fence BannersSporting Events
Building BannersStadiums

What to consider when ordering Mesh Banners. . .

  1. How is your customer going to use Single Sided Mesh Banners?
  2. Any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Materials:
    Brand Size Blow-Through
    Mesh  98″, 126″, & 197″ rolls 73/27
    Mesh Plus (Double Sided)  126″ & 197″ rolls 90/10
    Speaker Mesh  126″ & 197″ rolls 30/70
  4. Finishing Options:
    a. Webbing Reinforced Hems
    b. Grommets
    c. Welded Hems
    d. Sewn Hems
    e. Pockets
    f. D-Rings

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