Custom G-Floor Coverings

Custom G-Floor Coverings

Custom G-Floor Coverings are an alternative to more traditional coverings like paint, carpet, or tile. Use the graphic and message you want to enhance your floor space.

Applications for Custom G-Floor Coverings

Garage Floors Office & Showroom Floors Trade Shows Sporting Arenas

What to consider when ordering Custom G-Floor Coverings. . .

  1. Any critical colors to match?

  2. PMS Color Matching

  3. What surface finish is the customer wanting (Levant, Diamond Tread, or Wood Grain)?

  4. Materials:

  5. a. G-Floor Levant

    b. G-Floor Diamond Tread

    c. G-Floor Wood Grain

  6. Finishing Options Include:

  7. a. Thru Cut

    b. Edge Caps