Window Perf

Window Perf is a perforated vinyl decal with small uniform holes. Vision is partially blocked from the exterior, but is not effected from the interior. It’s sometimes referred to as one way vision.

Interior Window Perf is also available. Because it’s applied to the inside of the window, Window Perf helps with permitting issues and vandalism.

Applications for Window Perf

Retail Outlets Convention Centers Sporting Venues
Restaurants Vehicle Windows

What to consider when ordering Window Perf. . .

  1. How will your customer be using Window Perf?

  2. Are there any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. Is it 1st surface?

  5. Is it 2nd surface?

  6. Is it a vehicle window?

  7. What is the best type of window perf for the application?

  8. Does your customer know this Window Perf decal blocks vision one way?

  9. How long does the customer expect Window Perf to last?

  10. Is the window tinted?

  11. Materials:

    Clear Focus ImageVue 65/35 Optically Clear 54″ & 60″ 1st Surface
    Indy Imaging Illusion 60/40 Optically Clear 54″
    3M IJ8170-P50 50/50 8914 Optically Clear 36″
    Continental panoRama Film (non adhesive) 80/20 N/A 48″ 2nd Surface
    DCM Clear Perforated Vinyl 70/30 N/A
  13. Finishing Options:

  14. a. Thru Cut To Shape

    b. Weed, Premask, & Thru Cut

    c.Optically Clear Laminate

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