Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces
Backlit Sign 3 Layer White Ink Product

Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces

Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces are a ready-to-install, true day/night product, and a superior alternative to translucent vinyl. The colors illuminate boldly at night and remain vibrant in daylight.

Want to use your own polycarbonate sign face? Click Here:  Use Your Own Sign Face

Applications for Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces

Interior Sign Cabinets Exterior Sign Cabinets
3M UV Inks

What to consider when ordering Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces. . .

  1. How will your customer be using the Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces?

  2. Are there critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. Is the cabinet built for a flat face?

  5. What thickness of polycarbonate is needed for the retainer system in the cabinet?

  6. Do any areas of the face need to be blocked out?

  7. Backlit Polycarbonate Sign Faces must ship freight on a skid, which makes shipping expensive because of the dimensions.

  8. Did you know we can also make a backlit decal for application to your material?

  9. Materials:

  10. Polycarbonate Sizes Polycarbonate Thicknesses
    4’ x 8’ Sheet 3/16″ & 1/8″
    4’ x 10’ Sheet
    5’ x 8’ Sheet
    5’ x 10’ Sheet
    6’ x 10’ Sheet
    6’ x 12’ Sheet
    100” x 150” Sheet
  11. Finishing Options:

  12. a. Thru Cut

    b. Thru Cut To Shape

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