Wall Frames

SEG Fabric With Frame

SEG Fabric With Frame, also called SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics), offer a luxurious alternative to adhesive vinyls and wallpapers. They can be custom sized to fit any available space. The graphic can be easily replaced as desired.

Applications for SEG Fabric With Frame

Schools & Universities Office Lobbies Showrooms Retail Displays

What to consider when ordering SEG Fabric With Frame. . .

  1. How will the SEG Fabric With Frame be used?

  2. Any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. Some assembly will be required.

  5. Do you want to install a new SEG in an existing frame?

  6. SEG Frame Measuring Instructions

  7. Materials:

  8. a. Heavy Knit

    Basic 3/4” thick profile Up to 8ft x 8ft Aluminum, black, silver & custom
    Advanced 1” thick profile Larger than 8ft x 8ft Aluminum, black, silver & custom
    Free Standing (Single or Double Sided) 1 3/4″ thick profile Any Size Aluminum, black, silver & custom

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