Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl Billboards are mounted on structures erected along roadsides and highways to display advertising to passing traffic. Vinyl graphics on the face of the billboard can be viewed from a car for approximately 5 seconds at highway speeds.

Applications for Vinyl Billboards

Outdoor Advertising

What to consider when ordering Vinyl Billboards. . .

  1. Any critical colors to match?

  2. PMS Color Matching

  3. What is the billboards face size?

  4. What is the finished size, with bleed/wrap and pockets, ready to install?

  5. Materials:

  6. a. 13oz Vinyl

    b. 7oz Enviroflex

  7. Finishing Options:

  8. a. Thru Cut

    b. Pockets

    c. Grommets

Basic Billboard Information & Terminology

Live Area – The size of the visible area to be viewed.
Finished Size – The total size ready to install.


Standard Billboard Diagram

Custom sizing is available for Vinyl Billboards.
NOTE: Pockets are added to all four sides, this DOES NOT change the finished size.


Retrofit Billboard Diagram

Custom sizing IS NOT available for Retrofit Billboards.