Backlit Blockout Flex Face
3-Layer Image/White/Image/Blockout File

Backlit Blockout Flex Face

If you have a design that requires part of the image to be opaque when illuminated, this is the product you’re looking for. Backlit Blockout Flex Faces vividly illuminate colors at night while remaining rich and vibrant during the day. We use the latest Camera-Based Optical Alignment system for perfect front to back registration. After printing, UV Clear Coat is applied for additional protection against fading and abrasion.


Tension Frame Sign Cabinets

What to consider when ordering Backlit Blockout Flex Faces. . .

  1. How is the customer going to use the Backlit Blockout Flex Face?

  2. Any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. What size is the retainer for the Backlit Blockout Flex Face?

  5. What is the size of the VO (visual opening)?

  6. Does your file size include all bleeds for installation?

  7. Are there any opaque areas in the Backlit Blockout Flex Face?

  8. Materials:

    Standard Flex Face Material 18oz 98”, 126”, 165” & 196”
    3M Panagraphics 19oz 126″, 150″ & 165”