Vinyl Truck Side Banners

Truck Side Banners

Truck side banners are installed in frames mounted to semi-trailers and box trucks. They are a cost effective and simple way to frequently change graphics.

Applications for Truck Side Banners

Semi TrailersStraight Trucks
Box Vans

What to consider when ordering Truck Side Banners. . .

  1. What is your customer’s application – how are they going to use the Truck Side Banners?
  2. Are there any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Do you need the frame?
    a. If no, what type of framing system is being used?
    b. Does it require keder bead for installation? If so, what size?
  4. Materials:
    18 oz Blockout Vinyl
  5. Finishing Options:
    a. Cut to Size
    b. Keder
    c. Clearcoat
    d. Sew

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