3-Layer Image/White/Image File

Backlit Vinyl Awnings

Backlit Vinyl Awnings are stretched around an awning frame on the face of a building, usually above the main entrance. They are illuminated to give the customer 24 hours of advertising coverage. After printing UV Clear Coat is applied for additional protection against fading and abrasion.

Applications for Backlit Vinyl Awnings

Retail Storefronts
3M UV Inks and 5 Year Warranty

What to consider when ordering Backlit Vinyl Awnings. . .

  1. Any critical colors to match?

  2. PMS Color Matching

  3. Does your size include the material/bleed for installation?

  4. Does the file size allow for the angle and shape of the awning?

  5. Who will be installing the awning?

  6. Material:

    Indy Imaging 18oz with low temperature additive – stocking 40”, 70”, 98”, 126”, 156”, & 197”