Backlit Vinyl Awnings
3-Layer Image/White/Image File

Backlit Vinyl Awnings

Backlit Vinyl Awnings are stretched around an awning frame on the face of a building, usually above the main entrance. They are illuminated to give the customer 24 hours of advertising coverage. After printing a UV Clear Coat is applied for additional protection against fading and abrasion.

Applications for Backlit Vinyl Awnings

Retail Storefronts

What to consider when ordering Backlit Vinyl Awnings. . .

  1. Any critical colors to match?

  2. PMS Color Matching

  3. Does your size include the material/bleed for installation?

  4. Does the file size allow for the angle and shape of the awning?

  5. Who will be installing the awning?

  6. Material:

    Indy Imaging 18oz with low temperature additive – stocking 40”, 70”, 98”, 126”, 156” & 197”