PSV Reflective Sign Decals

Reflective Sign Decals

Reflective Sign Decals are used to make graphics more visible at night. Lighting, usually from vehicle headlamps, will reflect off of the graphics creating greater visibility and visual impression. Reflective Sign Decals are used on many types of signage.

Applications for Reflective Sign Decals

Parking SignsSafety Stickers
DirectionalsNon-Illuminated Billboards

Things to consider when ordering Reflective Sign Decals. . .

  1. What is your customer’s application – how are they going to use the Reflective Sign Decals?
  2. Are there any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Does your customer know matching color is difficult with reflective vinyl?
  4. Do you need a specific type of reflective vinyl?
  5. Is bleed needed for applying to rigid substrate?
  6. Are there any special packaging instructions?
  7. Materials:
    Standard Reflective PSV  Standard Gloss, Standard Matte 48″
    3M IJ5100R-10 9740i Liquid Gloss SCPM-44X 48″

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