Feather Flags

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a highly visible, eye-catching advertising product. They are used widely across many industries to get noticed. Feather Flags are dye-sublimated on polyester based material, which produces vibrant colors. Feather Flags are available single sided and double sided and come with a ground stake, a water bag, a tripod base and a carrying case.

Applications for Feather Flags

RoadsidesStore FrontsConventionsTrade Shows
Feather Flags

What to consider when ordering Feather Flags. . .

  1. How will your customer be using the Feather Flags?
  2. Any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Does your customer want single sided (front right reading, back mirror image) or double sided (front and back right reading) Feather Flags?
  4. How long does your customer expect the Feather Flags to last? In order to maximize life expectancy of the Feather Flags, they should be brought in daily.
  5. Who is designing the art? Templates are available below for download.
  6. Materials:


See templates below for the most common sizes.

Feather3 78.8871”h x 19.685”w FEATHER3 S-R DOWNLOAD FEATHER3 D-S DOWNLOAD
Feather4 94.4882”h x 23.622”w FEATHER4 S-R DOWNLOAD FEATHER4 D-S DOWNLOAD
Feather5 133.8582”h x 27.559”w FEATHER5 S-R DOWNLOAD FEATHER5 D-S DOWNLOAD
Straight3 78.7404”h x 19.685”w STRAIGHT3 S-R DOWNLOAD STRAIGHT3 D-S DOWNLOAD
Straight4 94.4882”h x 23.622”w STRAIGHT4 S-R DOWNLOAD STRAIGHT4 D-S DOWNLOAD
Straight5 133.8582”h x 27.559”w STRAIGHT5 S-R DOWNLOAD STRAIGHT5 D-S DOWNLOAD
Teardrop3 62.5379″h x 28.6484″w TEARDROP3 S-R DOWNLOAD TEARDROP3 D-S DOWNLOAD
Teardrop4 74.2464″h x 34.3779″w TEARDROP4 S-R DOWNLOAD TEARDROP4 D-S DOWNLOAD
Teardrop5 106.872”h x 42.0129″w TEARDROP5 S-R DOWNLOAD TEARDROP5 D-S DOWNLOAD
Single Reverse and Double Sided Feather Flags

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