Moveable Wall Decals

Moveable Wall Decals

Moveable Wall Decals can be removed and repositioned from one wall to another at will. If cared for properly, they can be removed and repositioned multiple times. A specialty adhesive allows even a novice installer to easily remove and reposition Moveable Wall Decals.

Applications for Moveable Wall Decals

Smooth Interior Surfaces

What to consider when ordering Moveable Wall Decals. . .

  1. What type of surface will your customer be applying Moveable Wall Decals to?

  2. Any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. When repositioning the Moveable Wall Decals, if the adhesive, the backer, and mounting surface are kept clean, it can be moved many times.

  5. Materials:

  6. a. Magik-Stik

    b. Gloss or Matte Laminate

  7. Finishing Options:

  8. a. Thru Cut To Shape

    b. Kiss Cut, Weed, Premask, & Thru Cut

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