Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays consist of Dye Sublimated polyester-based heavy knit that attaches to a display frame with velcro, and are easily stored in a hard or soft carrying bag for transport.

Applications for Pop Up Displays

Backdrops (Media, Photography, Conferences, Etc) Promotional Events
Trade Show Booths Temporary Walls

What to consider when ordering Pop Up Displays. . .

  1. How is your customer going to use the Pop Up Display?

  2. Any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. What size does your customer need?

  5. Does your customer want the Pop Up Display with or without end caps? Does your customer know what end caps are?

  6. Materials:

  7. Heavy Knit

  8. Does your customer want Pop Up Display accessory options?

  9. a. Hard Shell Roller Case

    b. Soft Shell Roller Case

    c. Lights


See templates below for the most common sizes.

1x3 89.5"h x 31"w 89.5"h x 55"w 1x3 POP UP TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD->>
2x3 89.5"h x 60.25"w 89.5"h x 84.25"w 2x3 POP UP TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD->>
3x3 89.5"h x 89.5"w 89.5"h x 118.5"w 3x3 POP UP TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD->>
4x3 89.5"h x 118.5"w 89.5"h x 142.5"w 4x3 POP UP TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD->>
5x3 89.5"h x 147.5"w 89.5"h x 171.5"w 5x3 POP UP TEMPLATES - DOWNLOAD->>