Mesh Pole Banners

Mesh Pole Banners

Mesh Pole Banners are optimal when weight and wind are a factor in the installation process and add to the banner’s life span. We offer Mesh Pole Banners with 90/10 blow–through.

Applications for Mesh Banners

Pole Banners Exterior Advertising
Interior Advertising

What to consider when ordering Mesh Pole Banners. . .

  1. How is your customer going to use Mesh Pole Banners?

  2. Any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. Materials:

  5. Brand Size Blow-Through
    Mesh Plus (Double Sided) 126″ & 197″ rolls 90/10
  6. Finishing Options:

  7. a. Webbing Reinforced Hems

    b. Grommets

    c. Welded Hems

    d. Sewn Hems

    e. Pockets

    f. D-Rings

NOTE: The term “blow – through” refers to the percentage of printable material to the percentage of holes in the material. (i.e. blow – through is 70/30. This proportion means that the surface area of the banner is 70% printable material, and 30% holes.)

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