PSV Decals 2nd Surface Window Perf
3-Layer Black/White/Image

2nd Surface Window Perf

2nd Surface Window Perf is produced using a 3-layer printing process. This product is sometimes referred to as one way vision. This means vision is partially blocked from the exterior, but is not affected from the interior.

In most cases, graphics on the inside of windows will meet the requirements of most city ordinances and reduces opportunity for vandalism.

Applications for 2nd Surface Window Perf

Retail OutletsSporting EventsShowroomsOffice Lobbies
ConventionsRestaurantsGlass DoorsWindows

What to consider when ordering 2nd Surface Window Perf. . .

  1. How will your customer be using 2nd Surface Window Perf?
  2. Are there any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Does your customer know 2nd Surface Window Perf blocks vision one way?
  4. Is the window tinted?
  5. Materials:
    Clear Perforated PSV 70/30 60″ 2nd Surface

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