PSV Textured Wall Decals

Textured Wall Decals

Textured Wall Decals are specialized decals consisting of durable, conformable adhesive vinyl with laminate. Textured Wall Decals are designed for medium to heavily textured surfaces.

Applications for Textured Wall Decals

TileConcrete Block
StoneRough Concrete
StuccoBrick Walls

What to consider when ordering Textured Wall Decals . . .

  1. For what application will your customer be using Textured Wall Decals?
  2. Any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Does the installer have experience installing Textured Wall Decals?
  4. Does the installer have the special application tools?
  5. Materials – PSV with component laminate:
    3M IJ8624 8524 Luster 54″
Tools for Textured Wall Decals

This product requires special application tools.

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