Translight Backlit
3-Layer Image/White/Image File

Translight Backlit

Translight Backlit graphics are produced on optically clear polyester film that has no adhesive backing. The film is sandwiched between a protective sheet of clear polycarbonate or acrylic and a white rigid diffuser. It is then placed inside an illuminated sign cabinet or menu board. This allows the graphic to be changed frequently with ease due to the lack of adhesive residue.

Applications for Translight Backlit

Interior Illuminated Sign CabinetsIlluminated Menu Boards
Lighted Wayfinding SignageAdvertising

What to consider when ordering Translight Backlit. . .

  1. What is your customer’s application – how are they going to use the Translight Backlit?
  2. Any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Is this the correct product or would adhesive vinyl better suit your customer’s need?
  4. Will this be sandwiched between a white and clear substrate?
  5. Materials:
    a. Melinex

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