Backlit Decals
3-Layer Image/White/Image File

Backlit Decals

Backlit Decals are applied to polycarbonate sign faces. We print a true, day/night, Backlit Decals using white ink. Our backlit decals are produced so that colors illuminate boldly at night and remain vibrant in daylight.

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Applications for Backlit Decals

Illuminated Sign Cabinet FacesIlluminated Channel Letters
Illuminated Menu Boards

What to consider when ordering Backlit Decals. . .

  1. How is your customer going to use Backlit Decals?
  2. Any critical colors to match?
    PMS Color Matching
  3. Is your application First Surface or Second Surface?
  4. Is the sign face larger than 60″ tall and require tiles?
  5. Materials:
    Clear PSV

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