Barricade Covers

Barricade covers are custom made to the dimensions of the barricade. Your graphics are printed head-to-head, then the sides are sewn or welded depending on the material used.

Applications for barricade covers

Sporting Events Festivals
High-traffic Areas Grand Openings

Things to consider when ordering barricade covers. . .

  1. What is your application – how are you going to use the barricade covers?

  2. Are there any critical colors to match?

  3. PMS Color Matching

  4. Materials:

  5. 13oz Vinyl

    Heavy Knit Fabric

    Waterfall Fabric

    Fence Mesh

    Mesh (73/27)

  6. Finishing Options Include:

  7. a. Windslits

    b. Velcro

    c. Grommets

    d. Welded Hems

    e. Sewn Hems

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