SEG Fabric Installation Featured

SEG Fabric Installation

STEP-BY-STEP INSTALL FOR AN SEG FABRIC IN AN SEG FRAME 1. CORNERS Always begin with the corners. Start by inserting the upper left corner of the graphic and then work your way around in a clockwise fashion.   2. CENTERS With the corners now squarely in place, grab the center of the graphic along the…

Tiled Rigid Panels

Tiled Rigid Signs

CORRECT METHOD FOR PRINTING A 4’ x 16’ RIGID SIGN A 4’x16’ Rigid Sign should be printed on two 5’x10’ panels. This is so that we can bleed off the sheet and then cut to size. This will insure alignment even if the material is not the exact size or perfectly square. A 4′ x…

Considerations When Buying Wallpaper

While regular wallpaper adds wall longevity and durability, custom wallpaper also lets customers add a personal touch to their wall space. Various embossments take this personalization a bit further by adding subtle texture and depth – achieving greater visual interest than pressure sensitive vinyl.

Fabric Wash & Clean

Dye Sublimation Fabric Graphics can be cleaned and washed easily and with good results. Fabric is 100% polyester, so it’s as easy throwing it in your washer at home. Results may vary depending on the contaminant, how dirty the graphics are and what fabric you are cleaning.

Window Perf

Window perf is a calendered adhesive-backed PVC vinyl that is perforated with a pattern of round, evenly spaced holes. The advantage of window perf is that it allows graphics printed on a glass surface, such as windows, to be seen from the outside, but appear invisible to the people inside looking out.