Raster vs Vector

There are two types of digital graphics files – raster and vector. Raster images are composed of pixels. Vector images are made of hundreds of thousands of tiny lines and curves (or paths) to create an image. Raster Overview Raster images are often called bitmap images because they are made of millions of tiny squares, called pixels.…

Double Side with Directional Arrows Tech Lab

Double Side With Directional Arrow

The reason for this is when you are looking at the front and back files and the arrows are pointing the same direction, they will be pointing in opposite directions when printed. But if the arrows are pointing in opposite directions when looking at the front and backside files, they will print pointing the same direction.
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Color Management

“Color management” is a process where the color characteristics for every device in the imaging chain is known precisely and utilized in color reproduction. It often occurs behind the scenes and doesn’t require any intervention, but when color problems arise, understanding this process can be critical.